I got my bachelor degree on Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana. I also went to Zagreb for one semester to study animation on their academy. In my spare time I learned how to use almost all Adobe programs like Illustrator, Indesign and Premier. And currently I am going to an animation course and I got accepted on ALUO again for my Masters degree.

My strenght is creativity. I always try to learn a new program, skill or theory that will improve my work. I have a vivid imagination but I understand its limitations. I know how to present an idea and finalize it. I like to work in a group. In my portfolio you will see a progression or work, from classical drawing of nude, to eerie animals. I also put stills of my animations and 3D models.

Thank you, Nina Baznik.


I have been learning to draw with a tablet in Paintool Sai. I have been working on colour, shading, different brushes, layers naturally and blending modes.

I love how digital illustrations have these vivid colours and crisp lines. The colours are incredibly saturated and I really love that about drawing on a tablet.


I made a comic book in Illustrator. It is about working hard and then getting fired. But standing up and making your own job.

First i made detailed sketches and drew the whole comic book. Then I traced everything in Illustrator.

After Effects

I have been learning to use After Effects for three years now. I use the program as an animating tool. I also am planing to learn Adobe Animate because I think it has more flexible options for animating.


I made an animation in After Effects as a promotion video for a calendar. The calendar was made by Quimera Disseny designers. Quimera Disseny was a design company that took me in for an Erasmus internship in the winter semester of 2018/19. They are in Spain, Valencia, Nules.

Their logo has a monkey in it so I took that symbol and made a short animations about the three monkeys - I hear no evil, see no evil or speak no evil.


To mimic is an animation about love between a girl named Moe and a game avatar. The game avatar or program falls in love with the girl and they communicate all the time. The animation is a work in progress. I have been adding scenes to it for the past two months.

First I made illustrations in Illustrator and then I animated small parts in After Effects.


This animation is a combination of Processing and AE. Processing is an open source program that enables a person to write code. With that code you can create a responsive animation that reacts to different types of triggers. I wrote a code that reacts to music.

The animation is about Beethovens music and his 250th anneversary.

Classical animation


Everytime is a hand drawn animation about a monster. And everytime you want to see the monster, it dissapears. It was made with markers on paper, 12 frames per second and then edited in After Effects.

Stop-motion animation


A stop-motion animation about two characters. One says to the other, that he likes dots more than lines. And the other one is left in shock because they are lines.


Assistant | Reciklart 2019

Screenprinting workshop assistent. We made screens for a festival called Reciklart in Ljubljana. I helped a friend with the workshop and printed T-shirts for attendees, provided help and information.

Intern | Quimera Disseny 2018-19

Internship at a graphic design company. Work included custom designs for mugs, pregnancy fotos collage, a lot of logo designs, animaiton making, wedding invitations, gift card design, bussines card design and many event posters designs.

Assistant animator | Dagiba 2017-19

Working with Timon Leder, the owner and animator. Being a mentor for teenagers at animation workshops. Teaching animation technique stop-motion, rules of motion, making characters out of paper, making background, helping them with animating process, final editing. Distributing flyers.


Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.),  Video and New Media |  Academy for fine arts and design Ljubljana

2011 - 2017

We studied film theory, and I also went to Zagreb to study animation. We learn how to use 3D program Blender. We also had lectures for writing code in Processing.

Fine arts | Academy of Visual Arts

2010 - 2011

I was enrolled in AVA for one year. I had classes about video, photography, live drawing and model making.

High school degree,  Fine arts |  Umetniška gimnazija, Likovna smer

2006 - 2010

Fine art high school.